Robyn Williams

Former Met officer Robyn Williams was unfairly dismissed, an appeals panel has ruled. She’d been convicted of possessing an image of child abuse, sent to her phone, unsolicited, by her sister. Story from @VikramDodd ⁩ here:

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Robyn Williams

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CORONAVIRUS: AstraZeneca announces that real-world data from Canada shows 82% and 87% effectiveness after one dose against hospitalisation or death caused by Beta/Gamma and Delta variants

600+ people took to the streets of Tokyo, demanding that the Olympics be canceled amid a rise in COVID-19 cases

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Yet another US Capitol suspect was caught this week, all thanks to his Bumble match.

🚨LATEST >> New US Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger *directly* responds to Tucker Carlson • Carlson called USCP Officer Harry Dunn an “angry left wing political activist” • MANGER: My cops, every one of them from 1/6 deserve to have their story told @MarkSZaidEsq  @wusa9 

In the race to develop shots against Covid-19, mRNA vaccines beat out many traditional approaches. Now, the technology is squaring up to an old viral nemesis: influenza.