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BREAKING Black cab rapist John #Worboys , now known as John Radford, who was almost freed from jail last year, has pleaded guilty to four further offences in which he drugged women with the intention of sexually assaulting them.

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Black / John / John Radford

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Joe Biden just picked the woman who called him a racist who hung out with segregationists, and who said she believed his sexual harassment accusers.

Principled. Brilliant. Compassionate. Empathetic. Honest. The perfect choice for @JoeBiden . That’s @KamalaHarris . Let’s go win this.

You know, whatever else you think of Kamala Harris, it’s pretty amazing and awesome that immigrants can come to the U.S., meet, marry, have a child, and their daughter can grow up to be DA, state attorney general, U.S. Senator, and on a presidential ticket.

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Kamala Harris' positions: - banning fracking - banning plastic straws - using executive orders to ban "assault weapons" - phasing out private healthcare insurance; - nearly-complete restriction of religious freedom to the private sphere. Yes, she's a pragmatic moderate, guys.

Kamala Harris's selection means that the Democratic ticket will not have someone with an Ivy League degree for the first time since 1984

The Trump campaign should be pretty happy with the Harris pick. It opens up a bevy of avenues for attack.

You want a president who makes good decisions. @JoeBiden  just made a great decision in picking @KamalaHarris .

The NAACP said the appointment of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's running mate is a "defining moment in U.S. history"