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There's an ugly fight over the Trump-Russia probe. @AlHuntDC expects it to get uglier https://t.co/ohM1O7jPK5 via @bv
As Russia probes progress, one name is missing: Bannon's https://t.co/3DAtyTANSn via @politico
Ingrates! Haven’t miners all returned to work? Didn’t Kushner settle the Mideast? Hasn’t corruption ceased? Didn’t China change trade practices? Didn’t he sue “false” accusers? Random ‘carnage’ ended? Goldman Sachs reduced? Kim disarmed? Roads rebuilt? https://t.co/Nez0bs09sd
Poll: Donald Trump approval at 32 percent; most believe 'improper' Russia contact https://t.co/cSzqqlTrGu via @upi
Should Dina Powell’s Departure Terrify the Deep State? https://t.co/0pdnd2zMLP
Gun buying loses the the fear factor under Trump, sparking a price war https://t.co/4OG2LgIsNl via @bpolitics
'Grumpy' the Brazilian clown to leave Congress as he is ashamed of his colleagues — kind of a reverse Franken ?https://t.co/SFRb7ZE1Ov
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