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This just in: ‘art of the deal ‘ President never seems to really negotiate anything at all .... Trump boasts about ‘great new trade deals.’ So far, he hasn’t finalized any. - The Washington Post https://t.co/a9gj3Tm1YR
FACT Checking Trump's Blatant Lie About the Boston Globe https://t.co/bUhDpQqidU via HillReporter
After a year on the job, FBI director Christopher Wray is known for a low-key style that avoids distractions and controversy https://t.co/EXkhiji9iM via @WSJ
The 1600: Trump on a purge binge against intel-community critics. Topics: The spy sent into the cold; Trump's rogues gallery; Waited for prime time?; Firings & fury; Infactual act; Conways, a house divided; Cuomo gets grating. viahttps://t.co/MDdsuJUZTP @Newsday@Bill_Goldschlag
Gotta wonder if these US folks in charge know what they're doing: A Chinese vice minister will travel to the U.S. later this month to discuss trade issues https://t.co/ONK0AJkTaR via @WSJ
Pentagon punishes reporters over tough coverage https://t.co/Cf6O6hiFf0 via @politico
Broken bonds, White House security leaks, racial animus, fear of confrontation, lies and hush agreements: The Omarosa uproar marks a reprise of nasty Trump themes https://t.co/aT0RsRz1tc via @Newsday
It certainly LOOKED like a cleanup.
Trump attacks Russia provisions in signed defense bill https://t.co/9YtJlVjlyD
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