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Questions to ask someone other than “What do you do?”: - What excites you right now? - What are you looking forward to? - Where did you grow up? - Is there a charitable cause that you support?

Yeah, I know. We've got bigger issues to debate. But it's Friday, so let me ask: Where do you stand on the em-dash? My view: If you want me to stop using an em-dash—and I know some of you do—you're going to have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

The newest Pinkcast, which went out to 170k subscribers yesterday, offers some simple tips on boosting one's intellectual humility. Feel free to share it with your favorite world leader. (Video runs 126 seconds)

What can you do tonight to have a better work day tomorrow? Research says: Any activity that promotes mastery. People who spent their evenings playing sports, learning a new language, or volunteering showed up the next day happier & more motivated.

One more time from the Oracle of Omaha: “Successful people say no to almost everything.”

Your morning dose of sagacity from @colsonwhitehead : "I like hanging around the house with my family. I was never much of a schmoozer, or felt like I had to be seen at this party. My advice to writers is, stay at home and work. Don’t go out."

Ever wonder whether an algorithm could arrange 11 years of bestselling book covers by visual similarity, creating a pointillistic portrait of 5,000 books? Well, wonder no more. The folks @puddingviz  have you covered:

Theory: Giving kids awards for coming to school will boost attendance. Reality: In a study of 15,000 middle & high schoolers, -- promising kids awards had no effect on attendance; -- among those who received awards, *absenteeism* increased.

As a new school year begins . . . -- Half of US school teachers are seriously considering quitting -- More than half say they're unfairly paid. -- Half say they're not respected by their communities. Presidential candidates, are you listening?


This is a great tip for people visiting Washington DC today and over the weekend. (via @arlusk )

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Excellent advice for life in general: 1. Clean up after yourself 2. Write a thank you note

Is it better to solve problems in isolation or by collaborating with others? Harvard research says . . . neither. The best solutions come from "intermittent collaboration" -- group work punctuated by breaks to think & work by ourselves.

Top teachers were the *most* likely to seek advice from their peers. The better the teacher performed, the more likely they were to obtain feedback on how to be even better. Asking for advice & feedback is a sign of strength, not weakness.

This school replaced detention with meditation. The results? Suspensions plummeted, attendance climbed.

One of the best predictors of academic success in young children: Curiosity. It's as important as self-control, and especially valuable for lower-income kids. Classrooms should spark curiosity rather than demand compliance.

Research: "Homework in elementary school does not contribute to academic achievement," but daily reading does.

1. When elementary teachers specialize in a subject (ex: math) & students switch teachers for each class, students learn *less*. 2. Students with the same teacher 2 years in a row learn more. Bottom line: Kids do better when teachers know them well.

Women rate higher than men on 17 of 19 leadership skills, including: - Championing change - Solving problems - Being bold - Building relationships - Communicating powerfully - Inspiring & motivating others - Acting with integrity - Producing results

When teachers started class by greeting each students at the door by name, academic engagement increased by 20 percentage points and disruptive behavior decreased by 9 percentage points.