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Old Whig. Columnist with ConservativeHome and the Washington Examiner. Conservative MEP looking forward to Brexit and redundancy.

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If the backstop is agreed, we can forget about a long-term deal with the EU. Put in whatever break-clauses or time-limits you want, but Brussels will have no incentive to offer anything further. It's that simplehttps://t.co/rWVmEeOYlE.
A pleasure to welcome three interns fro @CWGCm to the European Parliament. This year, of all years, try to find a moment to think about the heroic work of those who guard the memories of the 1.7 million Empire and Commonwealth forces who fell in the two wars.
I strongly endorse John Major's call for "respect and civility " in politics. Might have been even more persuasive had it not been accompanied by all that "you'll never be forgiven " malarkey, but there we arehttps://t.co/4V79foERWT.
Odd that an amicable Brexit is being held up by a non-issue. Even if there is no deal, the UK and Irish governments have made clear that they will raise no frontier infrastructure. So we'll end up with no border minus a deal instead of no border plus a deal.
This overqualified drummer makes up for all Twitter's defects. https://t.co/G2BRHcjCJC
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An odd thing. If you don't want the EU to run environmental policy, you supposedly hate the environment. If you don't want it to control employment laws, you hate workers (never mind the relative unemployment rates). When did we lose confidence in our democracy? In ourselves?
On the day after the referendum, I argued for an EFTA-type deal, at least in the short term. Both sides rejected my idea out of hand, but I can't help feeling that pursuing it would have spared us a great deal of hassle.
On the other hand, my apple cake is full of promise.
Britain should confirm that it will put no new infrastructure on its side of the Irish border and is prepared to meet any reasonable proposal for a free trade agreement that would allow the EU to do the same on its side. That should have been our approach from the start.
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