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Old Whig. Columnist with ConservativeHome and the Washington Examiner. Conservative MEP looking forward to Brexit and redundancy.

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Hampshire’s high hedges.
Genuinely don't understand why editors think that "Racists follow X on Twitter/Facebook" is a story. Readers who don't use social media won't get it; those who do will know it's meaningless bollocks. Equally silly whether the target is @BorisJohnson or @jeremycorbyn.
It should go without saying that both the UK and the EU would be better off with a cordial deal that benefits both sides. It's odd that anyone thinks it newsworthy when @Jeremy_Hunt says that an acrimonious split is undesirable.
Chinese has overtaken German as an A-level language choice. It makes sense when you think about the world that today's school leavers will know.
The many British Muslims who campaigned to leave the EU have been frozen out of the conversation since 2016, because they don't fit the absurd narrative about Brexit making us less tolerant. Thanks again for everything you did, @Muslims4Britain. https://t.co/qAXzsyEHZH
Jezza has been framed!
It's a Zionist fabrication!
OK, so he was there, but Tories do worse things!
Yeah, well, what about, er, Saudi? And food banks? FOOD BANKS!!
Who REALLY runs our newspapers, anyway?

Weep for a once decent Labour Party.
Unemployment has fallen yet again, down by another 65,000 between April and June. It turns out that, if you cut corporation tax, businesses hire more people. Who knew?
Ten years ago, Russia effectively annexed 20 per cent of Georgia. The West's response convinced it that it could carry on flouting international law - hence the interference in US elections, the attacks on British soil, the invasion of Ukraine etchttps://t.co/TEWwn3D7Dc.
Why do people use food banks in Britain?
It's not because of food prices, which have halved over the past 50 years.
But over the same period, house prices have increased by 450% above inflation.
High rents are arguably now the chief driver of UK poverty.
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