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Please read this short analysis by @ddalton40 - a trade expert, Tory MEP and Remainer.
Is there some flaw in his reasoning?
If not then, whether you voted Remain or Leave, whether you favour Canada or Norway, you surely cannot back the proposed deal.
There's only one question before Tory MPs in tonight's ballot.
Not: "Do I like Theresa May's EU policy?"
Not: "Who, in a perfect world, would be my ideal PM?"
The only question is: "Do I want Mrs May as leader in a year's time, possibly leading through a general election?"
Stand back and look at what has happened. Brussels has made a calculatedly punitive offer, advised at every stage by Blair/Mandelson/Clegg/Major, who aim to reverse the 2016 vote. They now want to make us choose between deliberately harsh terms and Remain. So much for democracy.
The idea that the other 27 would find the backstop uncomfortable is self-deluding bunkum. Britain would be a captive market, with non-EU competitors permanently disadvantaged here. Brussels has happily kept Turkey in that position for decades.
Can we please stop calling it "Norway Plus"? The "Plus" negates the whole point of EFTA, which is that it's outside the EU customs union. How can you join a trade association while opting out of its trade provisions because you're in a customs union with someone else?
If you're depressed by the state of British politics, find an hour to visit the 's Bellini & Mantegna exhibition. It will put things in context.
🔹17.4 million of us voted Leave.
🔹Our leaders promised to implement the decision.
🔹85% of current MPs were subsequently elected on manifestos promising to honour the result.
🔹Now, many of them aim to stop Brexit or, if they can't manage that, at least to stop it succeeding.
A ten-year-old asks me what’s wrong with the proposed deal.
“Imagine that you left school, but that your headmaster could still come round to your house to check that you’re wearing the uniform and could send you a bill for fees”.
“That would be rubbish”.
She gets it. Do MPs?
Come to tonight's three-way debate on the Withdrawal Agreement. I'll be arguing with and . Details here:

As the delayed legal advhttps://t.co/urjPZiLt0rice shows, these are the sort of terms defeated nations sign under duress.https://t.co/euyrfdbJt1
Leaving the EU but keeping the customs union would damage our trade with the 27 remaining members while simultaneously prohibiting us from signing trade deals with anyone else. https://t.co/vQWog4utaf
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