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@JuliaHB1  The good thing is that he has totally solved the knife crime problem and ended the traffic jams, which is why he now has time to virtue-signal on Twitter.

@conorburns_mp  @Emma Bridgewater@tradegovukYou  know how archaeologists refer to the late Neolithic Europeans as “the beaker people”, because that’s mainly what they left behind? Should some cataclysm engulf our civilisation, future archaeologists will call us “the Bridgewater people”. No house is without their artefacts.

I argued 2 years ago that both EFTA and a loose FTA were legitimate aspirations. Both would be an improvement on membership. What we can’t accept is EFTA obligations without commensurate market access. The EU’s switch forces us to pivot to global trade.

Such a pleasure to share a stage with Senator Phil Gramm, a great champion for Anglosphere free trade. He tells me: “My people were from Prussia. My wife’s people were from Korea. But we’re British in our hearts, because we believe in liberty and law”. GBUS

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Hidden in a ravine in Guatemala, and far too little known outside that pretty country, is the University of Francisco Marroquín, one of the finest educational establishments in the world. I love lecturing here. (Those are Hayek’s actual glasses in the last photo, by the way!)

If these really are the EU's terms, we should save everyone time by walking away now. No self-respecting country should accept a deal offered in a vindictive spirit.

This is the loveliest thing you’ll find on Twitter today: a baby’s reaction when he sees his mother properly for the first time. Via @TheSun .

You know what? I think I may give up Twitter for Lent. I find it rarely brings out the best in people - or, at least, not in me.


This is so beautiful: moments when deaf people hear for the first time. Truly, we live in an age of wonders.

You think Churchill was a racist? Just wait till you hear about the guy he defeated.

Australia is offering us a free trade deal.?? Brazil is offering us a free trade deal.?? China is offering us a free trade deal.?? The US is offering us a free trade deal.?? In fact, the only major economy NOT offering us a free trade deal is the EU.?? Time to switch partners?

When the European Arrest Warrant was introduced, we were told it would be used to extradite terrorists, not elected regional politicians.

“Brexit chaos” makes it sound as though the mess in Westminster is the fault of 17.4 million Leave voters. It’s not. It’s the fault of those politicians who, after promising to respect the result, spent three years blocking it.

One day in and so far: ❌No food riots ❌No medicine shortages ❌No gridlocked motorways ❌No migrant camps in Kent ❌No collapse in house prices ❌No emergency tax rises ❌No world war Weren't we told that "It's not Project Fear, it's Project Reality"?

Seriously, Remainers, did you think 17.4 million of us didn’t mean it? That it was some sort of joke?

Twitter may regret de-verifying people of whom it disapproves. Until now, a blue tick simply meant authentication, but henceforth it implies endorsement. Suddenly, Twitter is in the ideology business.

For the love of God, what is happening to this country?