President Biden: "Our soul will be troubled as long as systematic racism is allowed to persist. ... It's corrosive, it's destructive, and it's costly. ... We're also less prosperous. We're less successful. We're less secure. We must change."

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks President Biden what he spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin about. “You,” Biden says, smiling. "He sent his best."

Somehow even 12 months into the pandemic, people are saying "yes but how many of those 100k UK deaths were due to Covid and how many were due to lockdowns?" Time for a (short!) thread:

FBI in teleconference call with reporters says they have identified more than 400 people in Capitol attack.

Senators have been formally sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump

Breaking News: The world surpassed 100 million known coronavirus cases in total, a staggering milestone for a crisis entering a phase of both hope and deep concern.

A vote forced by Sen. Rand Paul on whether Trump's impeachment is constitutional has been tabled, but offers early clues on GOP views ahead of the trial

The Biden White House says it has no idea how many vaccine doses it has

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