"I will not use process as an excuse. There is no excuse for the president's actions" - @RepNewhouse  as the Republican announces he will vote yes for impeachment

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks President Biden what he spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin about. “You,” Biden says, smiling. "He sent his best."

President Biden: "Our soul will be troubled as long as systematic racism is allowed to persist. ... It's corrosive, it's destructive, and it's costly. ... We're also less prosperous. We're less successful. We're less secure. We must change."

Senate Majority Leader Schumer tells @maddow  on former Pres. Trump: "His act on the 6th was the most despicable thing any president has ever done. And he is the worst president ever."

Biden signs executive orders on racial equity: *HUD addressing history of discriminatory housing *DOJ will not renew contracts with private prisons *Recommitting federal government to respect Tribal sovereignty *Condemning racism toward Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

So with 45 Republicans now on record saying that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional, that would seem to end much if any suspense over the outcome of the upcoming trial, right?

A Florida couple who live-streamed their drive to D.C. for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot have been charged

Senators have been formally sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump

we're trending towards "execute our opponents" as not-entirely-fringe GOP/conservative position.

Electric vehicle stocks spiked Tuesday on the news.