Dana Bash

A source familiar with POTUS phone calls from the hospital today tells me he said “I need to get out of here.” He's being warned that if he rushes to leave the hospital and has a setback it would be bad for not just his health, but his re-election campaign.

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Fox News’ Peter Doocy asks President Biden what he spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin about. “You,” Biden says, smiling. "He sent his best."

President Biden: "Our soul will be troubled as long as systematic racism is allowed to persist. ... It's corrosive, it's destructive, and it's costly. ... We're also less prosperous. We're less successful. We're less secure. We must change."

The law enforcement effort after the riots at the US Capitol earlier this month is still in its beginning stages, having fanned out across the country in the largest domestic terrorism investigation since 9/11.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer tells @maddow  on former Pres. Trump: "His act on the 6th was the most despicable thing any president has ever done. And he is the worst president ever."

Senators have been formally sworn in as jurors for the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump

Woman kicked by Russian policeman becomes protest symbol, seeks justice

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A vote forced by Sen. Rand Paul on whether Trump's impeachment is constitutional has been tabled, but offers early clues on GOP views ahead of the trial

Breaking News: The world surpassed 100 million known coronavirus cases in total, a staggering milestone for a crisis entering a phase of both hope and deep concern.