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Ok at this point it feels like they're just trying to kill time

Collins, Murkowski and Romney have all voted yes for witnesses. Looks like its going to happen.

Cass county MI GOP censured @RepFredUpton  for voting to remove @RepMTG  from her committees. His statement: “Really? She taunted a Parkland school shooting survivor, argued that California wildfires were started by a Jewish space laser... 1/2

Just now @DrLeanaWen  bluntly said to @KateBolduan  the CDC is making itself "irrelevant" by dragging its feet on guidance for people who are fully vaccinated.

Today would have been Francesca “Beans” Kaczyinski’s 1st bday. @KFILE  and Rachel Ensign lost her to brain cancer Christmas Eve. Today @CNN  is launching #teambeans  fundraiser. Buy this hat at & proceeds go to where she was cared f @DanaFarberr . ♥️

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For Women’s History Month I talked to an OG - Madeleine Albright - for a special edition of Politically Sound podcast . “I had decided that my mantra was going to be that women have to interrupt.” That & so much more from @madeleine  please listen here


Let's all take a step back and recognize that even after all that has happened, Republican after Republican is still defending the president and his lies about the election.

Eugene Goodman saved Mitt Romney's life. We did not know that until today.

A source familiar with POTUS phone calls from the hospital today tells me he said “I need to get out of here.” He's being warned that if he rushes to leave the hospital and has a setback it would be bad for not just his health, but his re-election campaign.

I’m told that Michigan GOP Rep Fred Upton will vote to impeach the president.

Just now GOP @SenSasse  released a statement calling the president’s executive actions “unconstitutional slop”

“Gave birth to me at Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California” - aka - I was born in America.

I know it was like 12 news cycles ago at this point, but quote "With all due respect, I don't get confused" should go down as one of the best by a female leader. Ever. Said so much, with so few words.

Siren - my kick ass colleague was banned from an open press event for asking legit questions of the president on behalf of the 5 network pool. As a former White House reporter and as an American - this is outrageous and highly alarming.

Im told the debate commission will announce that - except the candidates and the moderator- all in hall must wear masks until the conclusion of debates now. Those who do not will be escorted out. (In Cleveland this week, the first family took their masks off after walking in)