Let us not forget what happened in Buffalo, or what fueled it.

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If it takes 50 votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice, it should only take 50 votes to overrule them when they act like highly-partisan politicians.

A new era of very, very, very, very big government is upon us.

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The @GayWonk  has used Twitter to unveil his plan of action today in response to the Court's ruling in Dobbs.

I am calling on the Attorney General Merrick Garland to be on watch to stop any radicals threatening mob violence against pro-life supporters, pregnancy centers, or churches. Enforce the rule of law.

@Gov Evers tells @AP  he won't appoint district attorneys who would enforce abortion ban and he would use clemency powers to vacate prison sentences of anyone convicted under the law Evers also says he hopes @WisDOJ  files a lawsuit to at least put the ban on hold

Boris Johnson vows to push on as voters ‘beat me up’ in by-elections

5 justices overturned Roe vs. Wade. 91% of senators confirming them were men

The United States is now behind Ireland when it comes to a woman's right to privacy.

For those who want to help this makes sense. If you are in a legal state you should check for abortion providers in your community and give on their websites. Especially those states that border states that ban all abortions, even rape and incest.