On President's Day weekend, let's try to remember how presidents are supposed to talk, and act.

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Spending time with family. Learning new dishes. Making quilts. Connecting with old friends. Reading books. Here is how people across India are going about their routines during the Lockdown. #MannKiBaat 

Ram is associated with the IT industry. On his return from overseas he felt feverish and sadly, he was COVID-19 positive. However, Ram followed the guidance of his doctors, stayed at home, protected himself and his family. Here is his story... #MannKiBaat 

Practice social distancing, not emotional distancing. Do not ostracise those who are in quarantine either due to mandatory reasons or on self-imposed quarantine. Through social media or telephone, reach out to friends. Ask about their well-being. #MannKiBaat 

In these tough times, no words can do justice to outstanding work of our daily life heroes. During #MannKiBaat  today, saluted their stellar efforts.

Ashok Ji from Agra overcame COVID-19 and has a message for his fellow Indians. Hear what he has to say... #MannKiBaat 

Several professionals like Dr. Gupta are at the forefront of battling COVID-19. India salutes them for their hardwork and tenacity. During today’s #MannKiBaat  I spoke to him. This is what he said...

Based in Pune, Dr. Borse shared his experiences of combating the COVID-19 menace. Our doctors are not only curing patients but also playing the role of counsellors, who are keeping the morale of our patients and their families high. #MannKiBaat 

President Trump is marshaling every resource at America’s disposal to fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic. An update on his latest actions ↓

Some fantastic quarantined Coldplay straight from Italy. Love these little dudes.

AICC General Secretary@priyankagandhi  writes to Reliance Industries Ltd. Chairman & Managing Director, Shri Mukesh Ambani to provide aid to the migrant workers by waiving off call charges for one month in the concerned areas.

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