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  3. for all the craziness that is going on, we cannot forget puerto rico. #rememberpuertorico
For all the craziness that is going on, we cannot forget Puerto Rico. #RememberPuertoRico


"I do not believe in a God that is hateful, but rather one that loves all," says Pastor Teboho Klaas. The African Methodist Episcopal Church has suspended him for ‘heresy’ for his pro-queer stance. https://t.co/xGuMIB2Zed
If you like reading about chefs, restaurants, food and all that business, look out for big news today from @CODEHospitality (in the Monday bulletin which is, of course, essential reading itself)
“The man was going there to get papers so he could get married, for goodness sake. We need toe be very, very clear that this is not acceptable.” @JaneCaro on Jamal Khashoggi #TheDrum
“I don't think we are ever really going to know what happened to Jamal Khashoggi for certain. I think you have a situation where the Saudi government is keen to cover up or deny anything that's happened.” @arcanakhalil on #TheDrum
Imagine going from a professional athlete playing at the top of your game, to being bed-bound and no-one can figure out what’s wrong with you? That was the reality for former AFL player, Alistair Lynch.
Chronic fatigue, Tuesday at 8:30pm: https://t.co/2B05pXQBOP #InsightSBS
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