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  3. for all the craziness that is going on, we cannot forget puerto rico. #rememberpuertorico
For all the craziness that is going on, we cannot forget Puerto Rico. #RememberPuertoRico


Nao Sena medals announced for members of all-woman crew that circumnavigated the globe.
.@michaelsmithTW: An Oscar for 'most popular' film: It's a good thing that the Academy used to do all the time https://t.co/f4aNKhbBGN
The @USArmy is changing its 40-year-old enlisted education system with a new curriculum and an online course offering graded decisions that carry over to all academies for noncommissioned officers. https://t.co/D1eLhpFuSo
.@rowandean: You'd be an idiot to use the expression, 'final solution' for all the obvious reasons, but I don't think he was calling for a 'White Australia'. Many countries have immigration policies that centre around their own first.

MORE: https://t.co/ykweMevBOK #pmlive
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A: All planning should be Person Centred. Person-centered planning is based around the individual and is ideal for people on the autism spectrum. Planning tools may need to be adapted and terminology often needs to be changed so that it can be understood by the person. (1/2)
For years, Chinese shoppers have loved all things American. Is the trade war changing that?
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The great news for all British breaking news journalists is that Trump is so busy babbling on about Omarosa he's not had time to give his thoughts on the Westminster incident
Many thanks to all who came out for our show this summer. We all had a wonderful time onstage, sharing great music, fantastic vibes, enjoying the long summer glow. Apologies again for the shows that didn’t happen, but hope to see you all soon next time, next place. Lots of love.
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