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Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s deadly.

Here. Let me fix that headline for you. “Republicans promote mass death by undercutting centuries-old proven public health measure.”

A hopeful sign for the future? Many adults are more childish about wearing masks than children are.

There’s always that guy who has to say “we’re a republic not a democracy,” while they condone our tumbling towards autocracy.

One of the problems with how politics is covered is  many have forgotten that the purpose of politics is policy, as in solving problems. It's not about scoring points in a game of inside baseball. To cover it as such undermines the health and safety of our nation and the planet.

I have noticed that many who troll on Twitter use “your” instead of “you’re.” Just an observation. Nothing more.

A MUST read. The kind of journalism we need. Please engage with it and share it with others.

The old saying Is "old soldiers never die" - sadly they do. Colin Powell led with honor, a man of integrity and a calming force in a world too often chaotic. Like all of us, he was not perfect. But he loved his country and gave it his all. May his example guide us forward.

It’s amazing how I am bombarded by people on multiple platforms claiming they don’t have a platform to get their message out.


The audio of Trump with the Georgia secretary of state. Wow. It’s like telling the Nixon tapes to “hold my beer.”

It’s worth noting that many of the same people attacking the Biden Administration for leaving women’s rights behind in Afghanistan are eager to control women’s bodies and choices in the United States.

I can imagine no other president in my lifetime failing to address the nation in a prime time speech during a crisis such as this. On the other hand, I cannot imagine another president whose words would be less welcome by so many of his fellow citizens.

Watching President Obama’s graduation address tonight I think I finally understand Obamagate. It’s the scandal of having a president being able to speak with empathy, humor, insight, inspiration and in complete and coherent sentences.

Waiting in line for hours to vote should be considered less a story on voter enthusiasm and more a story on voter suppression. No one should have to wait hours to vote.

A rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcing people to line up to vote in a pandemic, even the old and the infirm, then it seems you're basically admitting most Americans don't want you to be president.