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So President Trump mocks a 16-year-old climate activist. Of course he does. He can't help himself. Deep down he knows she and her mission will far outshine his discredited denialism.

What Greta Thunberg’s haters don’t get is that ultimately her message is one of hope and resilience. It is a language they cannot understand.

From the man who was apparently very concerned about “corruption” in Ukraine.

Watching this impeachment process is like witnessing a tennis match between reality and the Twilight Zone.

This should not be a happy day. Far from it. Many of the President’s apologists say his critics are gleeful. Maybe some are. But I hope and believe the number is few. This framing is more of a cynical and self-serving projection. There is no joy that it has come to this.

I hurry. Appointments. Shopping. Holiday parties. Life is hectic this time of year. But I catch myself, seeing those who look to be suffering. I think of all who struggle. I know my fortune and vow to help make the world better. Not a New Years resolution. A daily commitment.

It’s worth noting that most people who echo a world where facts and expertise don’t matter in politics or the climate crisis or economic justice still choose to go to fact-based expert doctors when they get sick.

If you haven’t heard of #CRISPR  you will. And even if you have, it’s a story that will only become bigger. Proud to be an executive producer on #HumanNatureFilm . My thoughts on CRISPR here.

A friendly reminder to some of my colleagues in the press: when doing stories on "average voters,” let's seek to have that phrase accurately represent the increasingly urban and diverse reality of the America of 2019 and not only the people you find in country diners.


Just a thought: Which should be considered more “marginal” - believing in Santa at age 7 or not believing in climate change at age 72?

The question is not whether the GOP will abandom Trump. We know the answer. The question is whether the country will abandon the GOP.

News anchors looking into camera and reading a script handed down by a corporate overlord, words meant to obscure the truth not elucidate it, isn't journalism. It's propaganda. It's Orwellian. A slippery slope to how despots wrest power, silence dissent, and oppress the masses.

I think with a lot of high hopes crashing for Democratic voters in places like Florida and with Beto, there is maybe a drastic underappreciation of how Democratic control of the House will change the course of this country. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very big deal.

I'd much rather live in a world reflecting the values, philanthropy, and yes intelligence of LeBron James and Don Lemon's intelligent commitment to truth and journalism than the divisive peevishness, lies, and narrow self-interest displayed by the President of the United States.

When someone starts an argument with "I'm not a scientist, but..." maybe we should stop listening to them weighing in on science. And maybe news shows should stop asking these pundits to talk about something they’re not qualified to talk about.

Per the GOP stunt of their "brave" storming of Capitol Hill, that old Carl Sandburg quote comes to mind: “If the facts are against you, argue the law. If the law is against you, argue the facts. If the law and the facts are against you, pound the table and yell like hell.”