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Global Head of Social Media, @ABC News. Devoted husband and father. Retired firefighter and EMT.

Latest Scoops

Milestone: 100% of customers that lost power after Hurricane Maria now have electricity restored, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority confirms to @ABC News. - @JoshuaHoyos
British PM May on today’s suspected terror attack: "For the second time in as many years the home of our democracy, which is a potent symbol of our precious values of tolerance and freedom, has witnessed terrible scenes just yards from its door.” https://t.co/a77EXG2k9S
Campaign finance records show several former aides to President Trump have received payments of roughly $15,000 per month from campaign or party accounts. https://t.co/rpurLBMB1D
Pentagon: Staff Sgt. Reymund Rarogal Transfiguracion, 36, from Waikoloa, Hawaii, died Aug. 12, of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near him while he was conducting combat patrol operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk on the Jersey Shore suspends employee while it conducts investigation into incident where a group of young black girls on a field trip were told to leave gift shop: "They're not welcome in here.” https://t.co/HFHkaRuE4b
APNEWSALERT: ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin is seriously ill, a person close to the singer confirms to AP.
Netflix: Chief Financial Officer David Wells plans to step down after helping the company choose his successor.
Unfortunately, another good reminder this morning: If you don’t have two-factor authentication protecting your social and email accounts it’s time to do it now.
FBI now leading investigation into stolen plane in Seattle - @MLevineReports https://t.co/OMoYPFPvOc
NORAD release on stolen plane: "NORAD fighters were working to redirect the aircraft out over the Pacific Ocean when it crashed on the Southern tip of Ketron Island in the Southern end of Puget Sound. NORAD fighters did not fire upon the aircraft.” https://t.co/OMoYPFPvOc
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