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Ger Colleran in @irishdailymail talking about a supposedly planned Editor swap between @IsFearrAnStar & yea@IrishTimesrs ago. 🤔

Think I dodged a bullet!
Amazing that Ireland has now beaten the All Blacks more times than Munster.
That's some record. 😁
Diary of a female Black Widow spider.

Day 1: Left home. Met Bill. He's amazing.
Day 2: Bill said the funniest thing today. We talked for hours and shared a grasshopper at sunset.
Day 3: We made love.
Day 4: Hungry. Ate Bill. Delicious.
Great piece by @jenoconnell.
People look at me as if I am bonkers because I live 100 miles from Dublin & commute every weekday.
I tell him the madness is just coincidence.

‘Priced out of Dublin? Consider Down the Country’ https://t.co/oF4ldM8SHH
After another week of nonsense spoken & written about Ireland & Brexit (mainly by British MPs who couldn't tell the Irish border from a border collie), today people from all corners (& political views) of the island will cheer on the Irish rugby team.
Vive la France!
Congrats to Chevalier des Arts et Lettres @RMcGreevy1301.

Is there anything more uncomfortable than travelling in a jam-packed @Luas?
Journalist of the Year!
Just had to be!
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I tried to explain Brexit to one of my kids & she suggested that everyone who wants to stay in the EU live in one island (Ireland or Britain) & everyone who doesn't live in the other.

I reckon we are a week from a MP suggesting it too.

Acts of Union, 1800-2018.
Had a good run in fairness.
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