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World peace can only be based on inner peace. If we ask what destroys our inner peace, it's not weapons and external threats, but our own inner flaws like anger. This is one of the reasons why love and compassion are important, because they strengthen us. This is a source of hope
The many factors which divide us are actually much more superficial than those we share. Despite all of the things that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and so on – we are all equal concerning our fundamental humanity.
When each of us learns to appreciate the critical importance of ethics and makes inner values like compassion and patience an integral part of our basic outlook on life, the effects will be far-reaching.
In today’s materialistic world there is a risk of people becoming slaves to money, as though they were simply cogs in a huge money-making machine. This does nothing for human dignity, freedom, and genuine well-being. Wealth should serve humanity, and not the other way around.
Watch "Compassion and the Role of Women" - HHDL's remarks to a group of women about their role in promoting human values during their meeting at his residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on March 9, 2018. https://t.co/DSto5AiJo1
Watch Live: Mind & Life Dialogue “Reimagining Human Flourishing” from Dharamsala, India on March 12-16. HHDL will engage in conversation with 17 scholars on the integration of compassion and ethics in education. (Phhttps://t.co/uxvFJvK2efoto of Mind & Life XXX by Tenzin Choejor)
Peace has a great deal to do with warm-heartedness and respect for the lives of others, avoiding doing them harm and regarding their lives as being as precious as our own. If, on that basis, we can also be of help to others, so much the better.
Insofar as the destructive effects of anger and hateful thoughts are concerned, one cannot get protection from wealth nor education. The only factor that can give protection from the destructive effects of anger and hatred is the practice of tolerance and patience.
Because of the great differences in our ways of thinking, it is inevitable that we have different religions and faiths. Each has its own beauty. And it is much better that we live together on the basis of mutual respect and mutual admiration.
Practicing compassion, caring for others and sharing their problems, lays the foundation for a meaningful life, not only at the level of the individual, family or community, but also for humanity as a whole.
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