Coronavirus doctors 'writing their wills' as killer crisis compared to Chernobyl

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For those of you who think you know all about how things escalate during a protest.

Here is the best link I’ve seen with a collection of all resources to take action for #BlackLivesMatter  I will also share the individual links in the thread on my last post

Peaceful protests do fuck all. If you wanna make them listen, have a none peaceful protest, because now you have everyone’s attention, plus they’re forced to take action and make a change now.

Stay focus they hate this hunger

My heart hurts watching what’s been happening here in America. I do not want my daughters to have to grow up in a world that is divided and driven by hate.

We need the Holy Spirit to give us new eyes, to open our minds and our hearts to face the present moment and the future having learned this lesson: That humanity is one. No one is saved alone. No one.

If you want to see what humans at their best are capable of, watch the #SpaceXLaunch . If you want to see humans at their worst, watch #AntifaTerrorists  smash and burn the businesses that others worked so hard to build

This is not just a race issue this is a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE!!!!!!

You ain’t gotta prove shit to nobody but yourself

So Minneapolis mayor Frey wants rioters to practice social distancing. This is progressivism! Reminds me of what Irving Kristol once said, “A progressive is a man who, upon finding out his daughter is a street hooker, demands to know whether she is paid the minimum wage”