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'Happy to announce our engagement' Emily Atack makes shock declaration
‘Didn’t see that coming’ #Baptiste viewers gobsmacked by unbelievable killer twist on #BBC drama
Did Torvill and Dean just drop a major sign about who they think will win #DancingonIce?
#EastEnders super villain Janine Butcher’s return SEALED? Charlie Brooks drops ultimate hint
Shelagh Turner faces devastating heartache on #CalltheMidwife in adoption twist? #BBC
BREAKING: Canary Wharf station CLOSED due to power failure - SEVERE delays on Jubilee Line
‘Making me anxious’ #Baptiste star Tchéky Karyo, 65, drops bombshell about BBC role
There was a MAJOR scoring gaffe after one #DancingOnIce skate tonight - did you spot it? #ITV
‘Such a FIX’ #DancingOnIce fans RAGE over double exit in Melody Thornton backlash #ITV

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POLL: Should Britain leave the EU?

RT for YES
Favourite for NO
Danny Dyer apologies for licking Mary Berry's ear while 'off his head' at awards ceremony
Wow. THIS would have been the General Election result under a 'fair' voting system:
Wow. NASA says it has FOUND something on Mars and calls urgent 'MAJOR' press conference:
REVEALED: Trump registered EIGHT new companies in Saudi Arabia during US election campaign
EXCLUSIVE: Businessman tells Spain to ‘let Catalonia go’ - or be DESTROYED by independence crisis
Catalonia referendum: Goldman Sachs predicts victory FOR independence
THE GHOST SHARK: Eerie prehistoric fish older than DINOSAURS filmed ALIVE for FIRST TIME
'Football is more important' Fury as Spanish TV host mocks Manchester terror victims
NASA confirm a mile-wide asteroid will hurtle past earth at 30,000mph in 72 hours. Full story:
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