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It took Trump less than 24 hours to condemn protestors as "thugs," but it has been over a week and he still hasn't condemned Vladimir Putin for putting a bounty on American troops. Funny how that works.

Make sure your friends see this: Here’s what Senate Republicans blocked last week.

We spend $740 billion on the Pentagon, but somehow we don't have enough money to provide health care, housing and childcare to all Americans. My amendment to cut the defense budget by 10% would begin to change our priorities. It will be voted on in the Senate the week of July 20.

The death rate from Covid-19 in Navajo nation is now higher than any single state. We should all be outraged by the suffering and neglect continually inflicted on Native peoples.

The minimum wage is worth less than it was 50 years ago. If wages had gone up with productivity, today it would be three times higher. Corporate America has been waging a war on workers for decades. It's about time working people stand up and fight back.

“We declare that the United States of America is the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on Earth." @realDonaldTrump 

The United States has great hope for the people of Venezuela—and we will always stand against socialism. Statement by the President on Venezuelan Independence Day:

As a nation, we can never forget the sacrifices of those who died with honor to preserve our freedoms.

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"The Lincoln Project reported spending nearly $1.4 million through March. Almost all of that money went to the group’s board members and firms run by them.... It spends relatively little on direct political activity." The people liberals have enriched.