Police crack down on shoppers buying DIY equipment and garden furniture at The Range

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THUGS ?? these people are protesting against the fact that one of YOUR animalistic white policemen kneeled on George’s windpipe and forced him to stop breathing and killed him?? THUGS???? Are you listening to yourself?

Racism has been rampant for hundreds of years, it’s just that in this century people have camera phones to video it. It’s absolutely disgusting that you get mistreated because of the colour of your skin. You would think that those that are there to protect us, would protect.

Reminder that Colin Kaepernick repeatedly tried to peacefully tell us every Sunday that we had a major, systemic problem.

I’ve had several people tell me to “simmer down” on this nursing home issue. That won’t happen. Because if not me, then who? I owe it to my family and those who don’t have voices to keep pushing for answers, accountably and hopefully change so this never happens again.

My eyes welled with tears viewing this. It shows a turning point in the war that Trump is waging. That’s not hyperbole. Destabilizing the election. Press freedoms compromised. Steel yourself. Expect more of this. Then ask yourself: what will you do?

The Holy Spirit makes us take flight, opens up the wonderful destiny for which we were born, and nourishes us with living hope. Let us ask Him to come to us, and He will draw near.

@MnDPS_MSP  That’s not what happened. This is a lie. We all saw it. This spin is erroneous and disingenuous. You do your organization a disservice by even trying this nonsense. Stop tweeting and learn how to do your jobs properly. Start with reading the constitution.

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