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Latest Scoops

Ex-prisoner shows how easy it is to smuggle specially designed miniature 'HMP' phones into jail https://t.co/CRSgkdwFth
Pictured: Woman, 23, arrested after a naked baby boy plunged to his death from sixth floor flat https://t.co/ZoRSJwpAU4
Police have now confirmed that it is 'unconnected to any terrorist activity' https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
Families are also being kept inside a nearby soft-play centre https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB https://t.c
Pensioner, 69, who tried to smuggle heroin worth £2.2million in bags for life is jailed https://t.co/07kIIYkNln
BA pilot and neighbour prosecuted for chopping 15 branches off protected tree outside their £750k homes https://t.co/F3GjXGKmfI
Shocked neighbours who saw baby plunging to his death from flat rushed to cover his naked body with a shirt https://t.co/Dyh5qUi2Uo
Customers in a nearby Odeon cinema are being kept inside for their safety https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
A witness at the scene says the man has 'two hostages and a shotgun' https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
Pictured: Woman, 23, arrested after a naked baby boy plunged to his death from sixth floor flat https://t.co/NWx8pGRGSv
Roads surrounding the alley have all been closed https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
The 'armed man has taken hostages with a sawn off shotgun' https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
Size 22 woman who went on an 'extreme diet' claims she's MORE confident now as a size 14 than at her thinnest https://t.co/tA0UCC2oIR
Around 30 armed police officers have been spotted outside MFA Bowl https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
Bowling alley in lockdown as 'armed man takes hostages' in Warwickshire https://t.co/qQ9eB3wsVB
British woman dies after being thrown overboard into River Rhone in horror speed boat crash https://t.co/X4Rn6MLKRz
Betting sites ordered to remove online games 'designed to lure children into gambling' https://t.co/AQckRghAtR
Family is living in 'constant' terror after their neighbour is caught smashing their car's windows with a BIKE LOCK https://t.co/j8FcYWGlyL
Final painting by Winston Churchill is expected to fetch £80,000 at auction https://t.co/T0h61WUOVI
Father-of-three 'who thought he had a cold' has both feet and a hand AMPUTATED https://t.co/rRkHnMnyof
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