Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria reveals she 'put on her male privilege pants' to demand directorial role

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Eva Longoria

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We can’t always control what happens around us, but we can control how we react. For myself, I choose optimism rather than vengeance and hate. In every crisis, there is opportunity. We need to take the time to figure out what that’ll be. Tomorrow is another day. Must create.

We’ve got some surprise merch bundles which include three tees from our tours 💕 Make sure you do a fashion show when they arrive we wanna see what you get

Just saw two Spitfires flying over my house down in East Sussex, making a tremendous roar. Couldn’t work out what the hell was going on, then I remembered it’s Dame Vera Lynn’s funeral today. She lived a few miles down the road. Very moving moment. RIP Vera. 👏👏👏

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Some Nigerians try to hide behind religion as the reason why they should be allowed to marry children. But if Saudi Arabia - the kingdom, the headquarters i.e. Mecca, can raise the age of Marriage to 18 (because it's the right thing to do) then Nigeria has no excuse. #Timeup 

I am always shocked when I see the worst trolling remarks on twitter happen to be from people who follow me. Like why torture yourself with my remarks if you despise me so much?

#SanaMaulitMuli is celebrating a bittersweet anniversary today... it was 5 years ago that the restored version was screened on a rainy night at Cine Adarna to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary. SMM was originally produced by Star Cinema, one of the companies of ABS-CBN.

President Trump says he will wear a mask during a visit to Walter Reed National Medical Center on Saturday... and has agreed to be photographed wearing one-- something we're told aides "practically begged" him to agree to

Ruth and Eamonn replacing Holly and Phil on #ThisMorning  in ITV show switch-up