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BIDEN: "I'll take your questions and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I'm going to call on"

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Professor @DorothyABrown  is right: the IRS targets low-income Americans, especially Black Americans, because they’re the cheapest to audit and can’t afford to fight back. We need to mandate funding for the IRS to do its job and go after wealthy tax cheats.

In Oregon, we vote by mail—we have for decades. It’s quick, simple, and secure. Expanding vote by mail nationwide is just one way we can make voting more accessible to people.

Giuliani allies are looking at the Trump $ - even if it isn't $82 million - and are aghast that Trump isn't helping Giuliani with legal fees. Giuliani's friends say he is saying he is close to broke, and his interview w @MelissaRusso4NY  makes clear he knows he's in legal jeopardy

Ten years ago today, I returned to Congress for the first time after being shot. After spending seven months fighting to walk and speak again, I couldn’t wait to officially represent my constituents on the House floor. Serving southern Arizona will always be my greatest honor.

#Kerala college student murder: Accused was stalking victim for 1 month, probe to expand to Bihar | @gopitrivandrum 

Everything new on Netflix Asia in August 2021

Can’t underestimate the simmering resentment by vaccinated people at the tantrums from the other side. I’d love a “vaccine passport” that let me do stuff without a mask, and think about it every time I have to pull the stupid thing on.

Americans avoiding paying the taxes they owe through cryptocurrency is a real problem that deserves a real solution.

The Republican provision in the bipartisan infrastructure framework isn’t close to being that solution. It’s an attempt to apply brick and mortar rules to the internet and fails to understand how the technology works.