Goya Foods / Refuses Apologize Pro-Trump Remarks

‘I’m Not Apologizing’: Goya Foods CEO Refuses To Apologize For Pro-Trump Remarks

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Goya Foods / Refuses Apologize Pro-Trump Remarks

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To #BuildBackBetter , we must upgrade our water infrastructure. This is about ensuring every Michigander and American can access clean drinking water, improving public health, creating more job opportunities and making investments to our water infrastructure. Let’s pass #DWWIA 

Democrats’ Green New Deal is a serious mistake.

Anyone who says this was an incredibly fast verdict has not tried very many murder cases. Juries are sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow. I do bet it is unanimous. Disagreement does take longer to work out.

The IRS targets people who are cheapest to audit: low-income taxpayers, many of them people of color. I spoke with @DorothyABrown  about why we need to mandate funding for the IRS to go after wealthy tax cheats, and how it could reduce implicit bias in our tax system.

Government seeks to ‘supercharge’ search for at-home Covid treatments

Columbine shook the nation: 12 students and a teacher murdered. But 22 years later and still Republicans block commonsense gun safety bills. School shootings are commonplace and active-shooter drills the norm. This MUST change. Students shouldn’t fear for their lives at school.

We're closely monitoring the situation in West Hempstead. I’m praying for the families of those impacted and for our first responders. This Senate must and will move forward on legislation to help stop the epidemic of gun violence.

WATCH: Biden meets with bipartisan group of lawmakers on infrastructure as GOP, Democrats remain divided on scope. #MTPDaily  @RepCharlieCrist : Biden "kept a great tone during our meeting yesterday, listening to everyone, looking everyone in the eye, getting their feedback."

Democrats' plan to increase the number of justices because they're upset that @SenateGOP  did our duty to confirm qualified SCOTUS nominees is dangerous for our democracy. Americans are growing tired of their “if we don’t get our way, we’ll change the rules” attitude.