Trump Announces Punitive Action China / Relationship / Barring Chinese Students Entering

Trump Announces Punitive Action Against China — Terminates Relationship With WHO, Orders Barring Of Certain Chinese Students From Entering U

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Trump Announces Punitive Action China / Relationship / Barring Chinese Students Entering

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President Trump: stop being a phony. Your executive order on housing is a cruel joke. Your "eviction moratorium" won't prevent one tenant from being evicted or provide one cent to pay the rent. 40 million Americans are in danger of being evicted. Stop lying. Cancel the rent now.

Pay attention. Donald Trump is using the pandemic as cover to defund Social Security and Medicare in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

President Trump’s meager executive actions do little for working families. Republicans must come back to the negotiating table, meet us halfway and work toward a compromise that will truly help American workers and families. #FamiliesFirst  #FoxNewsSunday 

tbh I did not see “Cut Medicare and Social Security” coming as Trump’s election year pivot.

Horrifying and inexcusable. There is absolutely no reason police officers should be shooting at unarmed children. The system must change—and that starts with holding officers accountable for misconduct.

Watch what happens when Antifa communists threaten people who are not defenseless grandmothers. Oh boy. I’ve been waiting for this to happen...

New York City councilman thanks @realDonaldTrump  for raising awareness about hydroxychloroquine after drug 'saved' him

Reminder: If you get a call from NYS Contact TracingPick up the phone! NY's Contact Tracers are working every day to help stop the spread.

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@TomFitton : "Why Is The Qatari Government Hiding Its Donations to American colleges?" Read more at Watch at our YT channel @JudicialWatch  #qatar  #college  #university 

This is quite the article. The Unraveling of America   via @RollingStone