Defense Lawyers Referenced Tiger / Sex Addiction Closing Arguments

Harvey Weinstein’s Defense Lawyers Referenced Tiger Woods’ Sex Addiction In Closing Arguments

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Defense Lawyers Referenced Tiger / Sex Addiction Closing Arguments

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Fat cats using tax havens like the Cayman Islands to avoid paying their fair share has meant our services are starved of funding. Rishi Sunak is complicit, having worked for two firms with close ties to the Cayman Islands. Is he fit to be our Chancellor?

Pilot arrested after plane skids off runway, killing three people

Looking over NV delegate math, it looks like the early vote/caucus math cost Warren one delegate. She got 14.7% of the popular vote in CD2, and did much better post-debate, when 1/4 of votes were cast. Second alignment pushed her down to 13% of CCDs, and a delegate shutout.

The Lt Governor of Delhi, Anil Baijal also paid his tribute to the officer who had joined Delhi Police in 1998 | @Munish_MIRROR 

#Today in 1940 ... The first #RCAF  unit (No. 110 Army Cooperation “City of TorontoSquadron) arrives in Liverpool, England. It is the first Canadian air force squadron to reach Great Britain. In this photo, airmen are onboard ship, en route to Great Britain. #OTDH  #RCAFHistoryHistory 

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@BernieSanders  3) I asked Sanders' pollster whether the fact that the 2018 win was driven by a large shift in suburban and college educated white voters weighs on their thinking. Does the campaign see the need to hold those gains? Interesting answers:

If you’re Warren, the good news is that nearly every delegate from here on out is picked by the popular vote in primaries, *and* a ton of early votes have been cast in Super Tuesday states since that debate. You’ve just got to win tonight’s debate, too.

The failure of the Conservative Government to make progress on tackling tax avoidance and evasion once again proves that austerity was a political choice for the Conservatives and not an economic necessity. #DecadeofDecline 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: "The crash of 2008 -- no, Mike Bloomberg, you don't get to blame it on African Americans and Latinos."