Schiff Explains Happened Nadler Stole / Spotlight Impeachment Trial

Schiff Explains What Really Happened When Nadler Stole The Spotlight During Impeachment Trial

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Schiff Explains Happened Nadler Stole / Spotlight Impeachment Trial

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Kellyanne Conway: "The Democrats don't like their candidate. They didn't want Joe Biden to be their nominee."

No.10 says the PM regards the Cummings issue “as closed” because the police have decided not to take action against his senior aide. But Durham Police would have advised Cummings to turn back if they had stopped him on the way to Barnard Castle. In that sense it...

was a breach of the rules, if not a punishable one. It is moot - even within the Tory Party - whether the PM is right to back Cummings. By contrast the public support for Cummings given a few days ago by @SuellaFernandes  today looks an even more clear cut breach of her duty...

as attorney general to be impartial. Will she recognise this breach and say sorry?

Two big lessons from what the Communist Party is doing to #HongKong : 1. They will sign virtually any deal because if/when it suits them they will break any commitments they have made; 2.What they are doing today to HK is what they have in mind for #Taiwan  down the road

Of course there are partisan differences over coronavirus. But they aren't all about partisanship. They actually reflect the real-life experiences of people in Republican and Democratic areas of the country.

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Breaking: another 2.1 million new jobless claims were filed last week, per the Labor Department.

I am the last person to hold up James Comey as a hero of our time, but the day the president fired the FBI Director because he wouldn’t agree to quash a criminal investigation into a political ally of his should have been the end.

WASHINGTON (AP) — 2.1 million workers seek jobless aid, raising total layoffs since virus struck to nearly 41 million.

This is the 10th straight week that unemployment claims have been in the *millions*