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A lot of anti-Trump conservatives say Trump is so dangerous that they’d happily hold their noses and vote for whoever the Dems nominate - but still, they draw the line at ever voting for a socialist. What do they think we have in the White House now?

US@USArmyEurope  soldiers mean business conducting a Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) in RO#Romania  & BG#Bulgaria . Check out how live fire exercises improve combat skills of @NATO  Allies.

I reiterate my advice for parents and grandparents: in the morning interact with all offspring under 20 years old only after waiting one minute for each year, unless they initiate negotiations.

21 of the world's 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India.

In 2019 the @UN  estimates that 80% of the population of Yemen requires humanitarian assistance due to the conflict. That includes Nasser. His family fled 6 months ago and on this day, he got some materials to begin building a home.

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1) Some Dems are in a panic about @BernieSanders 's interview on "60 Minutes." He defended praise of Castro and brushed off questions about the cost of his agenda. I talked to Sanders' pollster at length about all the electability concerns being raised:

Incompetence shown by Iranian government here is staggering. And extremely dangerous.

In 1957, King Saud traveled to the United States, the first visit to the U.S by a reigning Saudi king! President Eisenhower met him at Washington Airport. #2020Together  #Quincy75th 

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Conservative minister Gillian Keegan on government spending levels after report showing life expectancy for women living in poorer areas declined after 2011 “Many, many complex reasons why… too simple and a much bigger problem" #politicslive