Live look at the protests in Iran where the people are chanting “death to the dictator.”

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Offensive remark from Trump on undocumented migrants who show up for their court dates: “Only those with the lowest IQ.”

Donald Trump is lying about tariffs. China doesn’t pay. Consumers pay.

Trump claims again he was joking about Americans injecting themselves with disinfectants. Fact check: He was not joking.

“I am the least racist person in this room,” Trump says to Kristen Welker, the first black woman to moderate a presidential debate.

Welker keeps interrupting Trump. She has yet to do that to Biden.

“I am the least racist person in this room,” says president who has repeatedly made racist comments, spread a racist lie about Obama to build a national political profile and has refused at times (such as the last debate) to condemn white supremacists.