MUST SEE: "Every 4 years, the black community is offered handouts and fear." absolutely shreds Democrat representatives.

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'It is on behalf of the country that I say to you all, thank you.' Read The Queen's remarks during her visit to MI5 today, at which she thanked staff for their work keeping the UK safe.

Ended my illness-enforced rest by chairing in Parliament the StandingCommittee on InformationTechnology,11 am- 4pm. Coughed&spluttered a bit but we reviewed the Demands for Grants of the I&B Ministry& TelecomsDeptt. Then rec’d a delegation of SwedishMPs for a friendly discussion

The president demanded two justices recuse on matters related to him and misrepresented what one said.

House committee says key witness isn't cooperating in probe into Yovanovitch surveillance

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The best part about going to bed is imagining the coffee you’re going to drink in the morning.

Ancient 'lost' civilisation uncovered by archaeologists in Turkey

NEW: The Queen secretly popped into the headquarters of Mi5 thus morning. Appropriate, you might think ... 🕵️‍♀️ 🕵️‍♂️

It was a pleasure to exchange views with the Swedish MPs on issues ranging from concerns about social media to Sweden’s extensive multilateral cooperation with India. Urged them to include Thiruvananthapuram on their itinerary next time! @Karinenstrom  @idadrougge  @IdaKarkiainen 

President Trump won't say whether he believes US intelligence about Russian meddling

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