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Journalist Says He Was ‘Assaulted’ As Portland Antifa Clash With Police And #HimToo Rally Participants https://t.co/SQMdhnXgBm
We Sought Asylum From Trump’s Rhetoric In Mexico. Here’s What Happened https://t.co/W84RaofKBY
Republican Young Kim Comes Up Short In History-Seeking Campaign https://t.co/VAVMiLwzZo
Football Star Makes Insane One-Handed Touchdown Catch. Is It The Greatest TD Ever Scored? https://t.co/HgqblMJNXP
It Was A Normal Morning Until We Got The Notification. 45 Minutes Later, We Were Sitting In Front Of Trump Himself https://t.co/dU0VVi7OBo
We Watch CNN’s Terrible Media Show So You Don’t Have To https://t.co/rv4GiLUKMB
US Calls Out Canada For Failed Defense Spending Targets https://t.co/BOvU5zvK9Y
Lindsey Graham Downplays Matthew Whitaker As Permanent Attorney General https://t.co/6RRkDXe935
Condoleezza Rice Denies Interest In NFL Coaching Job https://t.co/ywYBrkkadp
Incumbent Bill Nelson Concedes Florida Senatorial Election To Rick Scott After Contentious Recount https://t.co/ueeRKydc0c
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