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Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt says he has tested positive for the coronavirus and is isolating at home.

Three officers violently attacked by protesters crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. The officers sustained serious injuries. This is not peaceful protest, this will not be tolerated.

#BREAKING : President Trump responds to question about his idea of "taking over" cities: "You'll be seeing next week."

“Under the most frivolous person ever to hold any great nation’s highest office, this nation is in a downward spiral...The nation’s floundering government is now administered by a gangster regime.” - @GeorgeWill ⁩

Ivanka Trump may have violated an ethics rule when she endorsed Goya black beans

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@INCIndia  has been split more times than uranium has been split in barium & krypton: @ARangarajan1972 , Author tells Navika Kumar o @thenewshour  . #RGFLutyensLandExpose 

Before July 1, the country had never seen a day in which 50,000 new coronavirus cases had been confirmed. Since that day, the record has been surpassed 11 times, according to an NBC News tally of cases.

I was worried that New York city would regress to the 70s. i had no idea it would be 70s a.d.

It's not just crazy, it's evil and counterproductive. It suggests that all pathways to success -- hard work, stable family structure, individual decisionmaking -- represent complicity in white supremacy. Which incentivizes all the paths to failure, of course.