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On air now. Discussing POTUS’ call for a national emergency re the border off the top. Listen live on stations around the country, stream at , or subscribe to the podcast: #DanaRadio
(Deleted and corrected last Tweet due to typo.)
@Rhilmoe89 Incorrect. High capacity would be a non-factory standard mag, an extender, etc. Reloading takes a second, but to your point, the MSD commission concluded that the murderer could have been neutralized by staff with a firearm as he reloaded because he was slow.
@MattWalshBlog “Hurt” originally by Trent Reznor covered by Johnny Cash. Movie is hard, though I firmly believe Fuqua’s remake of “Magnificent 7” had a better overall original score.
@chipicks1 @CalebJHullb the Eddie Gallagher defense fund and . Made in Tyler, Texas.
What if Democrats one day decide to say that climate change is a national emergency (they already have) but have the power to use executive action? Must be very, very careful here.
I don’t want this national emergency move to become the new Harry Reid’s filibuster reform.
Crenshaw suggests another CR “so we have time for debate?” Says he’s not for or against bill just yet, only cautious, says he’s waiting for more from DHS. #DanaRadio
Up now: Rep. @DanCrenshawTX joins to discuss the border and spending battles. #DanaRadio

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You spied on their reporters, seized phone records and personal emails and declared James Rosen an enemy of the state. Holder himself signed the secret search warrant application.
Signs of a potential school shooter:
1) Tells people online that he’s going to be a school shooter
2) Messages classmates with death threats
3) Parents report that he has “put a gun to others’ heads in past.”
4) Authorities visit 39 times, 2 FBI tips

I didn’t think white privilege existed until I watched Elizabeth Warren given a pass for appropriating a culture.
We give a half a billion taxpayer dollars a year to Planned Parenthood, a for profit business that donates those dollars almost exclusively to Democrats. Don’t say school security to PROTECT kids is too expensive when you’re cool funding this.
What’s insane is that Paronto is still suspended (yes, today too) and Montel is free to say the nasty things he says with zero recourse or TOS penalty. Run your Twitter how you want, but let’s not pretend that there isn’t a vast difference in treatment of beliefs.
- Parkland murderer’s neighbors, family called Broward Sheriff
- 45 responses at least to murderer’s home
- He messaged threats to kill classmates which is a felony under FL statute
- Assaulted parent and classmates
- Took ballets and knives to school
- Sheriff blames NRA
If we’re talking about Kavanaugh drinking in college can we talk about O'Rourke drunk driving and almost killing someone before trying to flee the scene in his mid 20s?
Why haven’t you shared all of your wealth yet?
The murderer lived in Maryland which had UBCs, mag restrictions, registration, qualification license, was may-issue, red flag laws, and the atrocity was committed in a gun-free zone. His purchase in FL would be illegal. What law would you propose, Senator?
Apparently this doesn’t violate TOS. I know several conservatives who have been suspended for far less. cc
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