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Important point from @ErikWemple: A less strict standard -- one that counts merely misleading statements and exaggerations, in addition to demonstrably and blatantly false ones -- would show vastly more falsehoods from @realDonaldTrump. https://t.co/ye6j8wXZlh
Obama told a new no-doubt-about-it falsehood about once every 150 days as president.
Trump has done so about once every 3 days.
When A.G. Sulzberger's byline started appearing in The Times years ago, someone said to me, "Seems weird. How do people in the newsroom feel about that?"
I said, "Uh, we hope to work for him someday."
There's no better publisher in journalism than the Ochs-Sulzberger family.
In addition to the Obama comparison, we've also updated the definitive list of Trump's lies. This one includes the repeats: https://t.co/sLfJfPne1O
We do include repeated lies in the below. But the comparison is easier to grasp without the repeats.
"Democrats are making the same mistakes Republicans made when they inhabited their own house of outrage, back in 1998," @StephensWSJ: https://t.co/rn3ofrAOfU
As president, Obama told about 2 distinct, demonstrable falsehoods per year.
Trump is on pace for 124 this year.
You'll find them all here: https://t.co/EKVchWnIQq
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