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New Orleans gave its schools more freedom to teach kids as they thought best. It’s worked out pretty well. https://t.co/99KmlVgeDt
Give teachers and principals more freedom to run schools as they want -- and then hold them responsible for their work. That combination of autonomy and accountability is the secret to the schools turnaround in New Orleans. https://t.co/99KmlVgeDt
The Supreme Court confirmation fight has made it harder for Trump to fire Mueller. https://t.co/ZokIyKtq4s
The modern conservative movement was born at a time when conservatives were horrified by the Supreme Court. Progressives can heed that lesson -- and build a bottom-up political movement that wins big victories despite the court. https://t.co/3rZw89qlVu
Democrats shouldn’t focus on defeating the Supreme Court nominee. They can’t do so. That fight is lost.

But many larger fights are still to be won. The key is organizing — and winning elections. https://t.co/0z6naOMo0a
Has anyone written a piece that focuses on the real-world effects of the Trump affirmative-action guidance? I get the larger context. I’ve yet to read a detailed piece on how and why (and if) the guidance itself matters.
The University of Chicago got good publicity for abandoning the ACT and SAT. I’m less impressed. It’s still the country’s least economically diverse elite college. https://t.co/pPKxotoBNZ
The two biggest problems with higher education are:
1. Not enough resources for the colleges that serve low- and middle-income students.
2. Not enough accountability for colleges.

Both are solvable.

25 years ago, small businesses employed millions more Americans than big businesses did. No longer.

Big business keeps growing -- often at the expense of small. https://t.co/Q2dq3orD3H
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