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The new brazenness of autocrats, brought to you by President Trump.

And we ask Tom Friedman about his columns on Crown Prince MBS.

The new episode of The Argument is out: https://t.co/c37ASGs6Nv
@jonathanchait @MichaelRStrain @ChuckLane1 @JonahNRO It’s definitely not my view that policy flows automatically from race. It is my view that race is an important factor in American life, as Senate history has repeatedly demonstrated.
@DouthatNYT But isn’t this a sign she is planning *not* to run on the issue or anything remotely related to it? She had to address it clearly, I think. She is doing so now, to get it out of the way.
The Senate gives the average black American only 75% as much representation as the average white American. The average Asian-American: only 72% as much. The average Hispanic American: a mere 55% as much. https://t.co/YOnAg9x1qM
The United States Senate is like one enormous racial preference, and its benefits go to white people. https://t.co/YOnAg9x1qM
More in line with the politics of Americans under age 65!
Are there counter examples to China in the following sense: Countries that first became prosperous and later moved toward liberal democracy?
The first episode of 'The Argument' - the new @nytimes Opinion podcast - is now out, https://t.co/PlVpgUN3of
And only 6 or 7 of Kimbrel's 28 overall pitches were in the strike zone, pe @brooksbaseballr . He didn't really deserve to get out of that inning. The hitters bailed him ouhttps://t.co/KgLKCbtQtot.
I looked it up: Kimbrel threw 14 breaking pitches in the 9th inning last night, per ESPN. Only 2 of the 14 were in the strike zonehttps://t.co/rbAjd4kPhN.
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