With help from #Ukaid , @Unilever  is giving female entrepreneurs access to affordable household goods and boosting businesses for women in Ethiopia. #AidWorks  #GlobalBritain 

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Police arrested a teenage suspect Wednesday after they say a 16-year-old boy was beaten and stabbed to death before a crowd of onlookers who watched and recorded video – but never tried to help.​

@SarahHuckabee  says it's time to take the opinion out of national news reporting. "There’s a big difference between commentators and news, and we have blended those so that there is no difference anymore," she said. "We’ve got to go back where those are separate.”

Anna Calvi interview: ‘Being queer isn’t the new counter-culture. We’re talking about life and death’

Passengers stranded on roads walk miles due to transport strike in Delhi-NCR. India Today's @prashastiangel  & @abhishekanandji  join us with the latest updates. #ITVideo 

Why David Cameron's memoirs are just another political vanity project

The 60- year-old artist cannot stop talking about Bapu! @mail_today )

Should People Profit From Housing? Bernie Sanders Says Yes, and No

This is me a couple of years ago outside the Brady house, not being a freak. I am now making it my mission to get inside, and I’ll do whatever it requires.

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