I Talk Rap On The We

I Talk Rap On The We

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Coming from me.. this may surprise some.. As a FAN of rap I don’t need to listen to anyone double time rapping anymore outside of those already known for it.. I believe there has to be another level of rhyme delivery we can unlock that has nothing to do with speed or lack of..

Hold up.. I’m answering questions when I’m supposed to be asking y’all questions..

So with all of these battles on IG live.. What two rappers should be first to go at it song for song? Let’s think of a GOOD even matchup 🤔

SH fan question.. . Microphone Preem vs Microphone?

Adele’s ex husband musta ghostwrote the whole catalog and laid the background vocals

Shit I’m learning during the shutdown.. Amazon Prime movie ratings be lying like a MF! 3 Stars FOH

Some dudes really hate women.. Shits odd af


Phone going brazy right now cuhz new Eminem ahahahaha

I really dislike a person whose treatment of people is based on the status of the individual. We can’t be cool.

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Look at the tweets from all these perfect people who never made mistakes in their lives..

If I don’t see Book of Ryan on these upcoming album of the year lists I’m droppin a diss track and naming names

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Joe Biden ain’t it

Em’s rappin and songwriting is top tier on this album. I see music journalists acting like a rapper dissin his critics is new as if Pac, Cube, Jay and many more didn’t do it. The “bitter” rapper narrative they’re pushing is lame.