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Not buying anything today, trying to determine if Ackman embarrassed himself more with HLF or “Hell is Coming” TV appearances.

It never ceases to amaze me on the need of the media to put words in Trump's mouth to make him sound bad....THERE IS PLENTY of authentic material to work with people, you cast doubt on the legit stuff by making stuff up. Really dumb and lazy and/or purposely deceitful.

People are going to flip out over his tweet about a big job gain just now? Why? Do you honestly think a large portion of the population thinks that's meaningful?

VFC, it's been a lovely two weeks. I thank you for your hard work....$15 is good enough for me.

I don't think OXY will be up 30% again this year, that's just a hunch though and I would love to be wrong.

New county numbers in again (We're north of Harris (Houston). Down to 13 hospitalizations, was 59 in early May, net cases decreased again. County is 600,000 plus, stay at home order expiration is now 7 weeks expired.

How do you explain the jobs number today? I don't.

Maybe Cuomo should work on this and stop opining on every word out of Trump's mouth....maybe he can hand out one his 40,000 ventilators

Wife talked to coworker in Mass (Lowell).....they drove to New Hampshire for dinner last night....3 hour wait.


There's two fatalities in South Korea under the Age of 50 with 4,075 confirmed cases....that's a mortality rate of .0005. As a reminder, influenza, all cases is .001, Media members, take note of the number of 0's please.

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Latest WA numbers...17,105 tested, 1187 positive, under 7% positive rate for first time. most importantly, that's 3,000 more tests than yesterday.

I realize AMZN is killing everyone in retail but here is a look at returns BEFORE dividends over the past year AMZN +4.4% NKE +30.25% UAA +25.12% COST +23% WMT +11% TGT +8.69% Also "dead money" DIS +9.4% T4P

I like to pretend that Musk is Iron Man and Bezos is Batman and one day they will meet in an epic battle... you know, for the kids.

On Apple Call buying, folks betting little downside due to buyback IMO plus split factor, will be interesting.

Oh, he's "Selective"....Good to know, usually i blindfold myself and just start clicking and hope something sticks.