News reports from the Old Bailey, London's Crown Courts and UK disciplinary hearings

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Maria Mester denies involvement in the £25m gems raid at Tamara Ecclestone's mansion and tells court: ‘You’re talking here about professionals, I am just a stupid chicken.'

Drugs councillor 'blackmailed by secret lover'

All up in the air here in a stalking trial at magistrates' court Public access barrister insists evidence must be served on his client CPS insist the client doesn't have secure access email address to evidence so can't have it

Here's rapper LilMDot reenacting the stabbing of teenager for a music video. His victim is still fighting for his life

Cop to stand trial for death of teenager in moped chase

Accused of trying to kill a cop with a biro


Nurse who set off fire alarm to see colleague's breasts bounce as she ran down the corridor is facing end of his career

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Chelsea fan who did Nazi salute 13 times in 15 minutes at Spurs fans claims he didn't know what it meant, and had never seen it done before.

A homeless man has been charged with ‘leaving the place you were living, namely no fixed address’ during lockdown. The judge is questioning the decision but CPS are determined it will go to trial.

Grime star CBiz walks free from court after case that he ordered a machine gun murder in revenge over the theft of his jewellery falls apart

Saudi millionaire cleared of raping teen after claiming he accidentally penetrated her when he slipped and fell

Sobbing defendant: I didn't mean to do it mate. Magistrate: Don't call me 'mate'. Defendant: I'm sorry, your Majesty.