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The 7 Absolute Best Sunscreens for Oily, Shiny Skin https://t.co/WQnRcziRgf
Twinning never looked so good.
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Important Update: Cardi B and Offset Could Be Officially Back Together "Very Soon" https://t.co/lyVqXkPKgx
Meghan Markle Was Just Spotted on a ~Secret Lunch Outing~ and She Looked SO Chic https://t.co/apae4K1Ue9
Um, Lionel Richie’s Son Miles Was Detained by the London Police for a Bomb Threat https://t.co/Rvyt9O6qTE
GIVEAWAY: Love 'Pretty Woman' the film? Well now's your chance to see @PrettyWomanBway live on Broadway! ✨ Enter to win 2 VIP tix—airfare and hotel stay in NYC included—hehttps://t.co/GEsg3thQxcre:

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Carly Pearce was turned down by several record labels before she released her single "Every Little Thing," which changed her life and helped her find success in the music industry.
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This braided style not only includes several braids wrapped into an epic bun, it's adorned with gold cording that's perfect anytime of the year—but especially for the holidays.
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Fashion hacks your favorite royals use
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