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Religious responses to this catastrophe:

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Received on WhatsApp. The wrath of nature is upon us while we are all fighting COVID. Prayers for all affected. #CycloneNisarg 

Fresh hopes for summer holidays later this year, as Guernsey becomes first place in Britain to reopen pub doors - follow live

GOP challenger defeats Steve King in Iowa primary

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Tress uprooted amongst electric poles and wires. This one from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. #CycloneNisarg 

EMD reporting Dembele to Juve on loan. (Not saying it’s true but let’s run with it for a moment...) So, in summary: that would be the two biggest signings in Barça’s history, costing a combined €300m, both leaving the club (temporarily) for no transfer fee.

Solar panels come flying and hit the ground! Thank God no people seem affected. Another one from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. #CycloneNisarg 

Hon'ble Rajyasabha MP @SanjayAzadSln  has used his annual entitlement of 34 domestic air travel tickets to take migrant workers home. He is accompanying the migrant workers on their journey back home via aeroplane.

UK faces calls to halt riot gear exports to US over 'murder of black civilians'

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