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Travis and Milton have both had two drives each. They've each led offense to a TD and a FG. Both have looked pretty darn good, imo.

Has any coach, in any sport, at any level, gone 29 years in between championships? That’s incredible.

Gonzaga would have finished 5th in the ACC.

That was a bummer. Easily the two best teams in America. But only one played well tonight. Tough break, Zags! But Baylor was awesome.

Braves are 0-4. They've scored eight runs in four games, seven of those on HRs. One on a check-swing groundout. I'm not sure they have a hit with a RISP yet. And the pen looks to be ... not great. Other than that, a terrific start to this thing.

Your Tom Landry suit better be in the trunk. Otherwise this whole thing is an enormous failure.

The Aguayo brothers are both here at the spring game. They were just interviewed on the field and were asked who the better kicker was. They didn't answer. They didn't have to.

Freshman Kevin Knowles so far with an INT, two TFLs and an impressive PBU. Been the star of the second-team defense so far.

Why even have replay? I mean that’s just insanity. Also: Does ESPN not have an overhead view directly above the plate?


That's one of the best single weeks I can ever remember FSU baseball having. Went 4-0, with four victories over Florida and Miami. Outscored Gators and Canes by combined margin of 44-4. FSU pitchers struck out 50 in 36 innings and FSU didn't commit a single error this weekend.

Since 1990, FSU-UF have met as Top 10 teams 14 times. Alabama-Auburn over that same span? Three times. OSU-Michigan? Three times.

Remember this doozy from 2015? Good times.

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Most college football wins since 1980: 1. Florida State, 350 2. Nebraska, 347 3. Ohio State, 342 4. Miami, 326 5. Florida, 325

According to Pro Football Focus ... Of the 849 FBS O-linemen in the country who have played 20 percent of team's snaps this season, FSU has guys ranked No. 849, 848, 830, 798, 771, 607 and 485. Have a great evening, folks!

FSU needs to be careful. If it keeps up this undefeated stuff, it might just drop out of the rankings altogether.

There are 129 FBS teams. FSU currently ranks 119th in turnover margin, 124th in red zone offense, 127 in rushing offense, 128th in yards per carry, 128th in third-down conversion, 128th in TFL allowed and 128th in penalties. Have a great evening!

Just for perspective on earlier tweet: Saturday's Iron Bowl will be just the sixth time, ever, Auburn and Alabama are both ranked in Top 10. ... FSU-UF did it 12 straight times. What a decade. Yeesh.