Aviva Fortunata Berlin / Calgary Opera / Norma / Dallas Opera

My niece, Aviva Fortunata is back from Berlin to sing the lead in the Calgary Opera production of Norma. It is a return to her/our hometown. She sang this role in the Dallas Opera on short notice. Aviva was just interviewed by the @calgaryherald .

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Aviva Fortunata Berlin / Calgary Opera / Norma / Dallas Opera

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#JUSTIN Himachal Pradesh: Forest fire breaks out in Chaura area of Kinnaur district. More details awaited. (Photos: ANI)

WTF?!?!? Mexican national arrested for tailing US government source on behalf of Russia: DOJ

PART OF THE CREW: This police officer decided to show off his dance moves at a Mardi Gras parade last week in Mobile, Alabama. Mobile is home of the oldest annual Carnival celebration in the U.S.

@zbasu96  Seriously, why give this airtime? Barr has *every* reason to be misleading about this. He would have no incentive to share it, if it were true. His track record justifies starting point of skepticism, on whatever he says. (Mueller distortions onward.) What is the news value?

Ten top-notch people to follow for updates about the coronavirus outbreak: @Yaqiu  @EmilyZFeng  @amyyqin  @evadou  @onlyyoontv  @Chao_Deng  @motokorich  @studersc  @suilee  @yananw  (they just happen to be women. this tweet inspired by the amplification efforts on Twitter right now.)

Boeing finds debris in 737 MAX jetliners: company memo

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Everyone on both sides of the media class - stop using my deceased father for political points and cheap shots. It is painful. It is traumatizing. And it is perverted. Let us all grieve and try and move on in peace!

The facts on economy. All ez to check. And to ignore apparently.