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Suspect linked to 144 LCBO thefts arrested after search warrant executed in Mississauga: police | by ⁦⁩ @ryan_rocca 

love that: “journalizing”:) I’m using it.

So much fun to watch the takeoff roll and departure out of Paris CDG on @airfrance  Airbus A350 Wednesday. Live inflight view from my screen.

NEW Toronto councillor and deputy mayor Michael Thompson charged with sexual assault | The Star via @dmrider ⁩

@CarymaRules  Every time this video pops up I try to figure out what she was telling me. I was waiting for my cameraman to show up when this happened.

Hey Doctor@PeterHotez : you’ve got the prep all figured out! Getting my #5  on October 6. Godspeed to you.

Toronto city councillor charged with sexual assault, lawyer says - Toronto |

Big COVID-19 waves may be coming, new Omicron strains suggest | Science | AAAS via @deonandan ⁩

@steeletalk  @CTVBradMacLe  @ProstateCancrBCo  @CHEK_mediad  @jodyvanceBeen  there. Guys are usually so squeamish at the idea of getting examined down there. It can save your life. Will always remember former Global colleague then BNN/CTV anchor Jim O’Connell who was 48. He died three months after colon cancer was detected.


Where we ask Doug Ford about his secretive schedule and the fake invoices. Here are his answers. #onpoli 

This protester walked up to me today at the blockade and said the most unexpected thing.

Police surrounded the protesters front and back. Large police armoured personnel carrier has been brought up in the distance. Snipers on the roof of customs building.

Global News is in the right place at the right time. I was the last reporter to leave. They threaten to arrest me. No need for that. Thanks for the ice warning from the one officer.

CALL-OUT: looking for first-hand information on any Ontario long-term care homes that are not air conditioned. If you have a family member in one, or work in one, DM me or email me at sos (at) global news (dot) ca.

An aside; Doug Ford said Monday “you’re welcome to be there” when I quizzed him about why the campaign was secretive about locations. That day, they took me off the daily mailing list of press releases and even basic campaign info! I called the party & press sec: no comment.

191 arrests now in Ottawa, according to interim police chief Steve Bell. Also 206 bank accounts frozen.