Jund / Liwa Aqsa / Hama

SYRIA: Jund al-Aqsa have re-branded to Liwa Aqsa and are allegedly in the process of assaulting several opposition held towns in Hama.

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Jund / Liwa Aqsa / Hama

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved out of intensive care and back into a general ward at St Thomas' Hospital where he will "receive close monitoring" during his early recovery - Downing Street spokesman

And it's happening in real time as the human toll mounts, day after day. It looks like we lost more Americans to this virus than any other cause yesterday, and you've got conservatives basically shrugging and saying "eh, what's a little death, really?" What a disgusting display.

“John McCain is not a 'war hero.' He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured, let me tell you.” No one has forgotten this is how you honor POW’s.

Just wanted to start off the day saying THANK YOU to all the custodial workers. You are the unsung heroes of this moment -- keeping things clean and keeping people safe at our hospitals, government buildings, grocery stores, and more. We’re so grateful.

All of the same insidious dangerous, dilettante know-nothing denialist bullshit that was has been used on the climate crisis for decades now being brought to bear on the pandemic.

[BREAKING NEWS] President Cyril Ramaphosa announces that the #21daylockdown  will be extended by two weeks. Tune in on #DStv403  for more.

Medical experts are warning that vaping and smoking of tobacco or marijuana can put you at further risk for Covid-19

NOTHING ABOUT “OPEN FOR BUSINESS” NOISE MATTERS Until there is Department of Health led widespread case tracking & policies put in place. THIS IS NOT A SNOW DAY. This is a pandemic & it’s not over.

A 101-year-old man is discharged from hospital after recovering from coronavirus