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I really, really, really want to see Donald Trump spell “Rudy Giuliani.”
Congratulations to @jaketapper on his new book @TheHellfireClub. It’s a great read, and has way less sex than @wolfblitzer’s novel.
Do you think Spain knew what they were doing when they let us have Florida?
No one on Earth has ever said, "Hooray! Salmon burgers!"
An executive just emailed asking if I’m available for a modern-day reboot of the “Conan” show.
New on 23 and Me: a feature that tells you if you were fathered by Donald Trump.
I also paid my doorman to lie once - he told the delivery guy my order was for two people
25 years ago today, I put on a terrible jacket and auditioned for Late Night on NBC. I haven't aged a day.
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Hey, I found your missing straw!
Catch up on today's live #ConanItaly Q&A and get closer to @jordanschlansky than you ever wanted to. https://t.co/hNa9bsIyBU
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