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We know Trump watches Fox News commercials because he just put a reverse mortgage on the White House.
That’s a wrap on #ConanHaiti! Thank you to the people of #Haiti for their warmth, hospitality and humor - and a special thank you to our excellent Haitian crew for making it all possible. Make sure to watch this Saturday night at 10/9c on .@TBSNetwork
#Haiti is truly a beautiful country. #ConanHaiti
Getting the people of #Haiti to model my updated @RealDonaldTrump #Maga hat. #HaitiIsGreatAlready #ConanHaiti
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Had an amazing dinner at Brasserie Quartier Latin and danced so hard to the @BoukmanEKS featuring @mikaben & tha@ZingExperiencet my pants fell down. I love this country. #ConanHaiti
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Here I am disrupting the educational process once again. #ConanHaiti #PRODEVHaiti
Hey @WCKitchen! Thanks for letting me help out with Haitian cuisine prep. I didn't know it was possible to flunk out of school in ten minutes. #ConanHaiti
Just landed in #Haiti and already made some new friends! Follow me all this weekend in real time as I explore this beautiful country. #ConanHaiti
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Before I travel to Haiti, I want to introduce myself to the Haitian people. https://t.co/hCaKaQDjUC #ConanHaiti
Instead of checking IDs, bars now make sure that people can’t name 3 YouTube Stars.
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