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Latest Scoops

The original Big Bird has retired from Sesame Street. I’m told he was delicious.
Trump's reaction to the story about Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate reminds me of when we agreed to let Dahmer investigate whether or not Dahmer did it.
Now that Canada has legalized marijuana, maybe Canadians will finally mellow out.
For Halloween, I’m going as a newspaper.
I was just the victim of identity theft, but when the thief realized who it was, said, “Actually I’m good.”
Social media use among the young is getting worse. Latest research: 1 out of 3 teenagers today IS a phone.
It’s a bad sign that in order to vote in Georgia you have to prove you subscribe to The Golf Channel.
Kanye is in my office and he won’t leave.
We apparently have just over 10 years to reverse the catastrophic effects of climate change. But first - we dance!
It’s weird that both the Earth and I have about 30 years left.
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