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Latest Scoops

I love Comic Con. Just saw Thanos arguing with hotel front desk about not getting an ocean-view room. #ConanCon
I just saw two Rocket Raccoon cosplayers fighting over a Princess Leia wig! Oh wait those are real raccoons fighting over a Cinnabon. #ConanCon
Is it me or is Putin riding Trump like an e-Scooter?
Sure, everyone loves Chewbacca - unless you’re the guy who has to keep coming over to snake out his shower drain. #ConanCon
As a kid, I knew I was in trouble when my Mom would say “Conan Christopher O’Brien” through the megaphone she borrowed from the SWAT team.
Song Titles (Are Cooler When Part of the Title Is In Parentheses)
Every father wants to hear those precious words: "Daddy, I won the lottery."
Decades ago, James Brown tried to warn of our jobs being taken by sex machines, but would we listen?
Elon Musk didn’t save the Thai soccer team, but he will put them on a Tesla waitlist.
It’s so hot out I keep dunking my head into my relationship with my father.
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