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The Consulate General in Amsterdam is closed for Christmas from today, December 24 to 26, 2018. We re-open on Thursday, December 27, 2018. Fijne Feestdagen! In case of an emergency involving a U.S. Citizen, please contact us on: +31 (0) 70-310 2209
RT @usambnl: Read the original English version of my opinion piece on Nord Stream 2 | U.S. Embassy and Consulate in the Netherlands https://t.co/d8o1GskMDd
RT @FulbrightNL: Sta jij als internationale student op een wachtlijst voor een Amerikaanse universitieit? lees hier wat wat dit betekent en wat je mogelijkheden zijn: https://t.co/eYTJpOrYm9 #EducationUSA https://t.co/I3mie8Rgol
Traveling to the U.S. on #ESTA? Check these 6 steps and #DiscoverAmerica #Travel #USA @CPB @TravelGov
RT @educationusa: SCHOLARSHIP UPDATE # 2: Scholarships for international students of up to $35,000 per year at the University of Arizona: https://t.co/bk99UWtmND #InternationalStudents #EducationUSA https://t.co/IpquIqNVTs
RT @Interior: Geologically fascinating, culturally powerful & aesthetically astounding, sho@DevilsTowerNMuld be on your bucket list. ht#Wyomingt#FindYourParkps://t.co/tXC266IgTQ
CG Parente met with Perry Reitsma, Director of the International Holland Music Sessions (TIHMS). How exciting to have the U.S. Callisto Trio performing in TIHMS’ international series, January 13! Check out https://t.co/oFYHQ3HZJO for more information.
RT @shareamerica: See how PEACEFUL protests can lead to positive social & political changes, especially if they include a wide representation of citizens 🌏 htt@State_DRLps://t.co/4v69Uj0vRq
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RT @usembthehague: It’s the season for long nights and northern lights @DenaliNPS in Alaska. #FindYourPark @VisitTheUSA https://t.co/y3B4OtbtZw
RT @ECAatState: The @StateDept leads U.S. gov. efforts to protect and preserve #CulturalHeritage around the globe through the Cultural Heritage Center at @ECAatState.

Read more about @HeritageAtState's work → https://t.co/uhcBf211y8. @USEmbassyNepal https://t.co/Eq5EPgsuXn
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