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The act of coming together with friends and family for a meal is universal. The Edible Alphabet program, at the Free Library of Philadelphia, harnesses the universality of food to help newcomers improve their English literacy:
https://t.co/1laOEtT1KC https://t.co/d2MDKZghqN
Find out 3 things the U.S. Consulate in Amsterdam does for U.S. Citizens abroad. #hereforyou https://t.co/s3m5mW6w3G
Some quick tips to spot tell-tale signs of disinformation. https://t.co/9nBIqIKr6E
Has your ESTA been denied and need to travel to U.S. soon? Apply for a B1/B2 and request an expedited appointment. https://t.co/4XSf0eFN9c
The expiration date on your U.S. visa is the last date you can enter the United States. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers determine how long you can stay in the United States once you arrive at the port of entry. #VisaFAQs
RT @TSA: Double-check your child’s bag before you enter the screening checkpoint. Toy and replica weapons can look suspicious and cause delays. #TravelTip
RT @nl_times: Code Orange: Gusts up to 110 km/h in western Netherlands tonight https://t.co/1xvL907ATM https://t.co/cYDcT7H9tI
Read more about the @NASA astronauts' newest whips, courtesy of @SpaceX and @Boeing. #USA leading #Space exploration https://t.co/EWVGZknNk8
Do you know if the fish on your plate was legally caught? The United States is part of several partnerships to stop illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.
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