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The Consulate General in Amsterdam is closed Monday, May 21, 2018, in observance of Whit Monday (Tweede Pinksterdag). In an emergency involving a U.S. Citizen, please call (+31)(0)70-310 2209
Parents around the world now can read a unique story about #Ramadan to their kids: “It’s Ramadan, Curious George!” https://t.co/qNJ3Q7cTpk
What is a “mentor capitalist”? Find out from a successful tech entrepreneur: https://t.co/yuET0dmIN4
#DYK that Meghan Markle was once an intern with the @StateDept? Here are more fun facts about this weekend's #RoyalWedding: https://t.co/rfqSZd2ji0
Honored to join @FulbrightNL at today’s USA-Netherlands Education Symposium at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Hats off to Fulbright’s English Teaching Assistants (ETAs) for their dedicated work across the Netherlands. @HvA #studereninamerika
RT @VisitTheUSA: What's on your #texastodo list? How about taste testing some grapes next time you're in town! 🍇🍷@texastourism #VisitTheUSA https://t.co/JA5ytSGCOL
RT @TSA: The MyTSA app provides passengers with 24/7 access to airport security information on any mobile device. Learn more: https://t.co/htfXABFGjs https://t.co/DlBxR0kUA4
The primaries are in full swing. Make sure you know when to get your vote in! #proudoverseasvoter
On the occasion of the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel, here are some images marking important moments in the U.S.-Israel relationship. https://t.co/pwrg5WrSD5
#DidYouKnow: In his first year in office in 1974, President Ford became the first U.S. President to officially recognize #Ramadan—and the ensuing Eid al-Fitr celebration marking the end of the holy month. #RamadanMubarakMubarak
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