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Covid-19 crisis shows fragility of food supply system

Covid-19 crisis shows fragility of food supply system - we look at how data and #AI  can help:

NAS backup: Which suppliers have gone post-NDMP?

#Coronavirus : Standardisation delays threaten long-term enterprise 5G - Covid-19 outbreak could see delays in essential technology roll-out, leading to th #5G  industry missing out on up to 10% of total revenues, say @ABIresearch  study:

#Coronavirus : #Zoom '>I #Zoom  safe and should security teams ban it? The video conferencing service's rapid rise to prominence has highlighted a score of security problems. Should CISOs try to steer their organisations away from it, or ban it outright?

Coronavirus: Is Zoom safe and should security teams ban it?

Morrisons appeal success is cold comfort for enterprises

What the Court of Appeal referrals mean to those who campaigned for justice for subpostmasters


Systems needed after #Brexit  transition are “impossible to deliver” : The IT required to be operational after December 2020 is almost certainly undeliverable, according to an @instituteforgov  report:

Loan charge under review: thousands of IT #contractors  are at risk of financial ruin as #HMRC  pursues them for tax it claims they owe on work they did up to two decades ago and were reimbursed via loan remuneration schemes. Computer Weekly investigates:

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Future tech cannot be ‘defined by a particular population’ - as new technologies are developed, companies could take the opportunity to hire more diversely to ensure offerings cater to a wider demographic: #diversity 

The has confirmed it exchanged information on staff in the UK with the US Department of Justice, which is conducting criminal investigations into the organisation #assange 

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Loan charge MPs quiz contractors on ‘unreasonable behaviour’ claims made about HMRC’s case handling

RT @CarrotyD : Release of loan charge review must be prioritised by new government, urge IT contractors scandal #loancharge  #loanchargescandal 

HM Treasury mulls loan charge review findings, but will not confirm public release date - contractors frustrated by lack of concrete release date for review as #loancharge  settlement date of 31 January 2020 looms:

Police challenged over refusal to disclose files on WikiLeaks staff - lawyers will challenge Met Police on whether it holds correspondence with US law enforcement about 3 staff – including two UK citizens – in a freedom of information tribunal:

Lawyers will challenge the Metropolitan Police Service today to confirm or deny whether it holds correspondence with US law enforcement about three staff in a freedom of information tribunal

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