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.@justinbieber's acoustic version of "What Do You Mean?" is almost better than the original:
.@justinbieber's acoustic version of 'What Do You Mean?' is almost better than the original:
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We'll be undergoing maintenance in #JUMPFORCE (PS4, PC) but will return shortly with Patch 1.03 which will include loading time improvement, cut scenes skip function, general stability improvements, and general battle related fixes.

X1 update will be patched in the coming week*
[Voice Teaser #04]
Debut Celebration Show
Presented by #Mnet
19.03.04 7PM Mnet Live on Air
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Before the hearing began Mark Harris was demanding he be certified as the winner of the election

Then his son testified

Now HARRIS says there should be a new election
#iKON x Samsung #GalaxyS10 Launch Event at Singapore

Hello Singapore,
iKON has come to Singapore all the way from South Korea in order to meet the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10!

#TeamGalaxy #SamsungSG #dontmissout #specialgift #guesswho #iKONIKIK
MORE: Actor Jussie Smollett officially charged with a felony for allegedly falsely filing report of a crime. @EvaPilgrim reports live from Chicago.
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Love the new Calvin Klein commercial. I was sad for James he got cut from it though. Uncut version here. #MyCalvins
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California love with @NipseyHussle and @LaurenLondon
#SMEntertainment signaled its advancement in Indonesia, establishing a joint venture with ‘ #CTGroup,’ a leading local company in media, finance, and retails, as well as announcing a collaboration between #SUPERJUNIOR and Indonesian singer ‘ #ROSSA,’ set to come out later this year
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