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Casanova called out Soulja Boy after he allegedly yelled at a woman: "You buggin' out."
Casanova called out Soulja Boy after he allegedly yelled at a woman: 'You buggin' out.'


When it's all just too much 😭😭😭
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Before the hearing began Mark Harris was demanding he be certified as the winner of the election

Then his son testified

Now HARRIS says there should be a new election
#iKON x Samsung #GalaxyS10 Launch Event at Singapore

Hello Singapore,
iKON has come to Singapore all the way from South Korea in order to meet the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10!

#TeamGalaxy #SamsungSG #dontmissout #specialgift #guesswho #iKONIKIK
MORE: Actor Jussie Smollett officially charged with a felony for allegedly falsely filing report of a crime. @EvaPilgrim reports live from Chicago.
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Love the new Calvin Klein commercial. I was sad for James he got cut from it though. Uncut version here. #MyCalvins
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California love with @NipseyHussle and @LaurenLondon
#SMEntertainment signaled its advancement in Indonesia, establishing a joint venture with ‘ #CTGroup,’ a leading local company in media, finance, and retails, as well as announcing a collaboration between #SUPERJUNIOR and Indonesian singer ‘ #ROSSA,’ set to come out later this year
360 to 900 backflip nose-dive sky perfect 600IQ snipe en mi primera partida con snowboard. Not bad.
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Bedford woman speaks out after being punched and held at gunpoint
Jussie Smollett bonds out of jail after arrest for allegedly lying about attack
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